Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's so hard coming back to work after a nice long weekend.

This weekend was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, we had a fun day Saturday, no fights (ha) and had some laughs and lot's of relaxing. It also reiterated the point that I would make a terrible stay at home wife, because I do nothing.

I've felt much more calm this past week which is quite different from the feeling of wanting to crack skulls 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping this turn around is for good, we'll see once my next major exam comes up.

I'm also trying to come to terms with my life path. That sounds like something Dr. Phil would say. When I was younger, hell, even a few years ago, I thought I would be married at 25, have a baby at 26 and live happily ever after. How so very wrong I was. I'm going to be 25 in a few months and the thought of marriage and a baby right now make me want to squirm. So, now all life plans are out the window. I also wanted to be a "younger" mom but that may not be what's in the cards for me. I may even be around 30 before I have a kid and telling myself that all will be okay. By then, maybe my friends kids could babysit for me! The time will come for all of these adventures.

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