Thursday, October 06, 2011

I seem to attract the crazies.  Normally in the morning, the train is filled with people heading to work, most of them zoned out into some electronic device or book.  This is usually me as well and was this morning.

I walked onto a particularly empty train and took a seat near the front and sat down.  A man got on a few stops later and stood right in front of me.  I noticed he was mumbling a little to himself but didn't think anything of it.  And then it happened.  My foot brushed his pants.  (!!!!!!!!) I shit you not. This guy went off.

He wasn't speaking English though but he wasn't speaking any other language I could figure out either, so I assume he was speaking his own language.   This went on for a few seconds and then asked him what the fuck his problem was.  Now, there were no kids around and I apparently have no class, so yes, I said "fuck" on public transportation.  He started speaking his own language again, making faces, making fun of me, and all around being a great guy.  I got up, told him to get the fuck out of my way.  People were staring.  I'm not sure if they were staring at me thinking I was crazy, or the actual crazy guy and I got off the train.

Public transportation in the city if tough y'all. I also learned that maybe sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut and be blissfully unaware.  BUT, if you know me, I'm not very good at keeping my mouth shut.  Need a friend to open her mouth and tell someone off?  I'm your girl.

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