Monday, July 18, 2011

What a nice weekend.  Lot's of time spent at the ocean, playing with the pup and letting A "boogie board", going to see dinosaur bones, catching up on Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and not doing homework (heh).

 Friday we went to the science museum since it was free.  It's astronomical in price otherwise and being that A is only 5, he hasn't really grasped most of the information yet.  We did buy tickets to see Waking the Dinosaur in 3-D which we all enjoyed.  We looked around and A geeked out over how BIG the dinosaurs were. He was scared of this moose,
and he also learned how much blood was contained in his body.

On Saturday A, Emma and I hit the beach with friends which I do have pictures of but my work computer is not recognizing my thumb drive, so those will have to come later. We didn't have a boogie board for A to use so we improvised and used his sled. He had fun and both him and the dog were worn out. My friend took him for a bit after the beach and he stayed and played the Wii with her husband and became a Jedi Master. It was nice for me to get a break and clean, do laundry, homework, nap and watch some tv.

It was such a nice weekend, the weather was gorgeous and reminds me why I love summer and can't stand the thought that winter will be here all too soon. (shudder).

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