Saturday, July 09, 2011

A became a big brother on Thursday to a little boy.  Matt and I are both a little worried that his behavior may take a nose dive but we have expected a little bit of that.  He's been an only child for 5 years and now he's going to have to share his mom, something I'm sure a lot of kids have issues with. 

I hate the term "broken home" and we are trying to instill in A that he has two families that both love him very much.  We have had our issues dealing with his mom but the past few months have actually been sort of pleasant.  We really just want what's best for A and I'm wondering if that's finally starting to be realized.

Coincidentally I just turned on the tv and a documentary type program about the smoking baby is on.  I guess we are doing okay after all, no smoking babies for us.

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