Friday, July 15, 2011

Time for the breakfast of champions.  I eat this way to much during the week.  Sigh.

I thought my bosses were going to be in court this morning but I was wrong, seeing as how I walked into a blast of a/c.  Why do people insist on cranking the air when it's beautiful outside?  I work on one of the nicest streets in the city.  I just want to open the windows and hear the birds chirping and people walking, along with the honks and sirens thrown in. They are leaving for court around 11 so maybe I'll blast the windows open then and take off my winter parka.

In other news, I also got mistaken for a teacher today. Are teachers allowed to have sleeves these days?  I think the kid who thought I was "Ms. Eliot" wanted to crawl in a hole though after I politely told him, I am in fact, not Ms. Eliot. I would be a cool teacher though.

Tonight, we are planning on taking the boy to go see dinosaur bones as he puts it. Tomorrow I might take him to the beach to "rip some waves".  This kid, the phrases he uses sometimes kill me.

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