Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's still too hot to move so we've been lounging around the apartment trying to stay cool.  We went on a mission yesterday to try and find an a/c but they were sold out, unless we wanted to spend $500 on one.  No thanks!  We bought a fan and that's cooled things down to a comfortable 85 degrees. 

These pics are from our beach adventure last weekend.  A is boogie boarding with his sled.  We keep it classy in this family. 

Emma is such a water dog, it's a little weird.  Most pitbulls don't like the water but anytime she sees water, she practically belly jumps into it.  We are lucky that there are good beaches within a 10 minute drive.

Back to watching the Harry Potter marathon.  I still haven't seen the new one and am not very happy about it!

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