Monday, July 25, 2011

This is Emma and her new friend, Blue, whom we met at our little doggie park yesterday.  I usually take her there more than a few times during the week to let her run and sniff and do dog things.

Blue was there yesterday and they chased each other around, her being a wee bit faster than his rolly-polly self.

I was watching a show called Pit Boss over the weekend and I learned that had we been living in Denver, both Emma and Blue would not be allowed to live there.  I've traveled pretty extensively throughout the United States, hitting up about 40 of them.  I have yet to make it to Colorado yet but the visions I have at that place tend to lean towards crunchy, granola, outdoorsy types.  The scenery is similar to Montana, where I was born and raised, and is breathtaking. 

Denver has banned pitbulls in the city.  If they know that you own one, they will come into your house, take your dog and kill it.  Pit Boss showed very graphic images of dozens of pitbulls, dead, piled on top of each other.  Typing that out makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of that happening to my precious Emma is horrifying.  They would probably have to take me first before I would let them get my dog.

This breed has gotten such a horrible reputation throughout the media.  Some of the tragic stories are indeed true, but some of them are not.  News stations have put out stories about pitbulls attacking people, when in fact, it wasn't a pitbull but they knew attaching the pitubll name to the dog would attract more viewers.  I know not to trust everything that the media puts out there but some people don't.  Some people eat up every word and start hating on an animal that they may know nothing about. 

I, admittedly, hadn't spent that much time with a pitbull until I owned one.  I believe that most dog behavior stems from how they are raised.  That's not to say that I am naive enough to think that Emma would never hurt anyone.  I don't think she would do it intentionally but I am still very aware of her and her surroundings.  I would never in my wildest dreams leave her alone with a baby, just like I wouldn't leave a chihuahua alone with a baby.  People need to have common sense about raising dogs and any dog has the potential to hurt someone.

Anyways, I wish more people could realize what a delightful breed pitbulls can be.  Emma is extremely loving, snuggly and so incredibly cute.  She would lick someone to death before hurting them.  I signed the Animal Bill of Rights and sent it to my legislation.  I'm not normally one to do that but I felt that I had to do something. The stories of families being affected throughout Denver have been on my mind and that's the least I could do.


  1. no matter how, your posts always get my attention! good job!

  2. i have never owned a pitbull but shouldn't we look at the individual dog not the breed?

  3. Yes we should Erika, but people don't. :(

  4. Oh god that's terrible!!! I hate the label they have too. If you look at the owners of the pitbulls {and other dogs} who have attacked/hurt people, chances are you'll find they didn't exactly know what they were doing in raising the dogs.

    Emma is adorable!

  5. So sad. I will admit I get nervous around pit bulls. My dog has been bitten by one at the dog park. Of course I've seen some vicious golden retreivers too. I hate that they get a bad rep though. yours looks so sweet I can't imagine dogs being ripped from their homes and euthanized. Disgusting.