Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sometimes I feel so extremely inadequate after reading other people's blogs.

That probably makes me really lame.  I don't think anybody even reads this thing, let alone follows it.  I liked it that way because I wanted to maintain some sense or privacy but after reading all of these fun,  young blogs, I kind of want that too. 

They all have cute babies.  Cute husbands.  Perfect clothes.  Cute apartments. 

I have zero of that.  I have a cute kid who's not mine, a cute boyfriend, clothes and an apartment but don't have the access to a money train to get either of them cute.  I do have a cute dog though so points scored there!

I wonder how it's done.

I think the first thing I would need to do is quit my job.  Most of the awesome blogs I read appear to be stay-at-home mom's and while that rocks for them, is not feasible for me.  Unless we don't want to eat or have a car or an apartment.

Maybe I need to get myself a button and link to other blogs.  I also need to become more of a commenter.  I'm notorious for reading and running. 

Or I just need a more interesting life. 

Although I don't have a cute baby, or husband, or the perfect clothes, my life is pretty sweet.  I'm working hard for what I want and I will eventually have all of those things.  By then, people may not read blogs anymore but that's okay.


  1. Aha! We've found each other at last. I just knew there had to be another oddball blogger out there... Somewhere.
    You don't know me :-) big surprise, I just stumbled on your blog tonight and thought I would say Howdy!
    My name is Ann. I am a 22 year old, untattooed, unvegan, *single* gal of the Christian stay at home set who actually grew up in the ghetto and knows what's it's like to work outside the home- or starve.
    I'm here to say, hang in there. It's hard to not have everything all pat and set, or 'cute' (Heaven knows cute is the last word I would use to describe anything about me) but, let's face it- life can be pretty wild and exciting on the uncute side :-)
    Trust in the Lord. The race is not to the swift, nor the strong... Or the cute.
    Keep up a good heart, girl!
    Sorry for invading your blog comments :-)

  2. I know I have a cute baby and husband, but I'm sure you know from my multiple blog complaints that my clothes are anything but cute {well, most of them, and the ones that ARE barely fit lol} and my house is full of second hand furniture & empty space.

    But I know what you mean about reading other peoples' blogs and feeling inadequate! It happens to me all the time.