Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shes coming back Canada

Today was a rough day. One of my best friends ever is leaving tomorrow morning to go back home. I cried most of the day, knowing this time would come. I then started crying when the kids were eating dinner. Thats embarrassing.

Her and I went out for one last dinner at Chevys. After we finished eating we both just sat there, knowing that when we left we would have to say good-bye. So we sat there and talked. We sat in silence for what seemed like forever with her finally saying we better go so we could say good-bye. After getting to her house we took a few pictures and exchanged cards...both of us not opening them for fear of crying. We hugged and hugged and hugged and I started crying, so she started crying. I hate good-byes. I miss her already and I just said good-bye to her.

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