Sunday, July 17, 2005

Adventures in SF

When I first moved here I used to spend a lot of time with another nanny, Marisa. Unfortunately, shes going back home on Canada. I'm sad, really sad. We've had so much fun together since I've been here that I don't want to see her go. She wanted to go to San Francisco one last time before she left so yesterday we ventured in.

Our first stop: Forever 21

This store had three floors, THREE FLOORS. I was so lost I didn't know where to go first. Of course the day I have money and plan to spend it all, I only buy two tanktops for a total of $12.

We at lunch at
Lori's Diner

The new nanny that is taking over for Marisa, Carolyn, was also in the city and she wanted to meet us and go shopping. We waiting for her in front on Forever 21. While waiting we witnessed an African-American man on crunches going through the crowd screaming "White men are the devil". This pissed me off. It would've pissed me off it was the other way around as well. I hate racist people. Nobody seemed to care though that this man was walking around screaming this. Bastard.

After meeting Carolyn we walked over to this shoe store because in the basement they are supposed to have really good sales. I was shocked when we got into the basement. ALL the shoes down there were hideous. We had a lot of fun trying on shoes though, especially ones that had fake garlic, peas, and peppers on them for $150. Heres a picture of one pair...

Now, If you can't make out whats on the shoe, I'll tell you. There are little squares of colors with numbers in them. This shoe is selling for $399. Who in the hell would buy this shoe for that much money?!?

Our last stop was Union Square.

Then we came home and went to see Wedding Crashers. GREAT movie. NOT for kids. I saw like 5 kids in the theatre.... bad idea. Its rated R for a reason people.

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