Monday, July 25, 2005

Do you want me to pack for you too?

Raising other peoples children is a tough job. Especially when you disagree about the right way to go about teaching them responsibility.

Host parents and I talked last night about our upcoming trip to the East Coast. In the past I have packed for the kids, but asked them to pack their own toothbrushes since I have no clue who's is who's. Host Dad was talking to me about this and said I should just pack their toothbrushes for them because, MY GOD, they are only 7 and 10. I then opened my big mouth and said these kids need to start learning some responsibilities and asking them to grab their own toothbrush isn't that hard. He didn't seem to like that to much. So I guess I need to grab their toothbrushes for them, pack all their clothes, and pack all my shit too.

If you see these kids sometime in the future and they ask you to wipe their ass it's not my fault. They don't know how to do anything for themselves.

1 comment:

  1. Sheesh! Do you have to brush their teeth for them too? I mean after all, they are only 7 and 10! :)