Monday, July 11, 2005

Clean sweep

I hate cleaning my room. Always have, always will.

Yesterday I decided I better clean it...who knows what god awful things were probably growing in the heaps of clothes on my floor. I took me four hours to clean my room....4 HOURS.

When I was little I wasn't "motivated" to clean my room so my parents did it for me.

This wasn't your typical cleaning, this was-let's throw all of your toys into bags and donate them to Goodwill since you obviously don't know how to put them away-type of cleaning.

Twice they cleaned my room for me...yes I hated it that much.


  1. Agreed! Nothing worse than cleaning my room. I'd rather clean other peoples' room for some reason. I've had friends beg me to let them come over and help me clean my room. Ugh! But I still think that cleaning the bathroom is worse.

  2. I hate cleaning my room too, but I do so that when I make my kids do it, I'm setting a good example. I had to throw away some of Ariel's toys ONCE, and that was all it took, shockingly, because she's a stubborn little shit. Tyler, on the other hand, doesn't really mind cleaning his room...odd how different 2 kids in the same family can be!