Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It doesn't appear that this year I will be sending out Christmas cards or getting a Christmas tree. 

The weeks are just flying by and I can't seem to get my crap together. By now, even if we did take pictures, order prints, etc for the cards, by the time people got them, it would too late.  I'm also not sure if the hassle of a tree is worth it.  Sigh.

We won't have A for Christmas morning and will probably open gifts at Matt's moms house so he won't miss anything.  It does make me a little sad though but I literally don't have the energy or mental capacity to try and fit those tasks in. 

Accounting is in full gear and the final is on the 19th.  I can't wait for it to be over. Maybe next year when my school load doesn't stress me out completely, holiday traditions will resume. (fingers crossed)

I have been doing some holiday shopping though and am probably about half done.  All of it online, checking multiple websites to get the best deals, it's been fun. I scored a black Wii for A for $99.  He has one at his Mom's house (it seems like he has every toy under the sun there) but I'm hoping he still gets really excited about it. I'm also stoked because now we will be able to watch Netflix in the living room.  Win Win.

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  1. I also haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet. I've written them out and everything, but keep forgetting to mail them. I am going to mail them by tomorrow, even if they are late I want people to see that I was thinking about them...sorta, anyway haha!

    We're in gear about Christmas more so than last year. Last year I procrastinated about everything, now things are basically done! Only I didn't and probably won't get around to doing a few things I really wanted to do. Bake some Christmas goodies, do some Christmas crafts etc.

    It helps having a fake tree though! Don't have to go looking for the perfect tree and such.