Monday, November 14, 2011

I've been dreaming a lot lately about the future.  Hoping for a simpler life, if that's possible.



We drove down to Matt's old stomping grounds last night and I loved looking at all of the little houses, tucked away, close to the center of town that is quintessential New England.  I voiced my opinion to Matt about possibly moving down there one day and he really has no interest in it.  He loves the city. I love the city too but after awhile, it starts to wear me down.  I came outside yesterday and there was a van parked in front of our apartment with it's window smashed out and the whole dashboard/glove box/everything was completely gutted. I immediately went over to our car to make sure all was fine, and it was, but I hate that feeling.  People in the city give two shits about your car and for the money I spend on it every month, it makes me sick.

(We could probably pay this houses mortgage for what we pay in rent)

Emma has no yard to run and play in, neither does A.  I want our own space where we don't have to worry about being too loud or what in the hell the people upstairs are watching on tv. I imagine one day when I have babies of my own that I won't want to work as much and working outside of the city will be just fine with me.  It will be closer to Matt's parents and if A's mother stays where she's at, we will be closer to him and his school. I never thought I would want to do this, live in the 'burbs.  But unless you have deep pockets, city living might be too much for me.

I'll keep dreaming and wearing Matt down.


  1. We are also debating on where to move. I vote back to the GTA (well, an hour and 45 minutes from Toronto, in a more rural area) and he wants to stay in the great white North.

    There is more for young families down south, and my family and friends are all there. he has friends too but prefers the north. We shall see!

    Also, we can hear our neighbor play Xmas music. we have been hearing it since May. All day long.

  2. Our "down south" is only 30 minutes away but he acts like he's being taken to the middle of nowhere!

    Ugh, men :)