Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I told myself today was going to be a good day.  My boyfriend would be so proud of me trying to keep that PMA going.  It's working, so far, except putting all this energy into being happy has made me extremely tired.  I don't think coffee works.

Emma and I had a late night play session in the dark last night.  I can't not take her out to play because she needs to run a little bit so much. I just pack my pepper spray and hope for the best. We played fetch for about a half an hour and she loved it!  It was peaceful for me too, something about the night and having less distractions and the weather was perfect.  She does this little bunny hop thing that absolutely melts me and makes up for the fact that she bounced into my face this morning.

Matt has been gone the last few nights so Emma and I have been on our own.  This means we curl up in bed together and watch Dexter until I fall asleep 5 minutes later.  Last night I watched Welcome to the Riley's which I have been enjoying, except I fell asleep before the end of the movie.  I'm notorious for this.  I miss my boyfriend though and I'm so happy that he'll be home early enough tonight that we will actually get to spend a few hours together. I don't mind my alone time but I start to miss him after a few days.

I have this Friday off in honor of Veteran's day and I can't friggin wait. My apartments a mess, my heads a mess, my schoolwork is a mess and having an extra day added in there to get things done will be heavenly. I might even be a good girlfriend and make this:


Doesn't it look delicious? Originally found here


  1. Mmm that DOES look delicious!

    Your posts about Emma make me seriously miss Jake :(

  2. Awww :(

    Well if we lived closer you could borrow her ANYTIME, lol.

    Maybe I should post more often about taking her out at 2 am or finding diarrhea in her crate?? :P