Monday, November 21, 2011

Today I was actually a little excited about coming to work.  The only reason being, I would be able to get a coffee. I've had a horrible headache the past two days of which I think belongs to not having a coffee in the morning. I hate taking medicine unless I absolutely need it so I sat around both days with my head hurting and did absolutely nothing.

Matt was away both days working and screen-printing and I think Emma didn't feel very good either because she was such a snuggle bug on Saturday.  Normally she's bouncing off the walls but she couldn't bury herself under the blankets fast enough.

I did go out on Saturday night though.  Two days this week in which I ventured out of the house.  Amazing and tiring. My old-coworker invited me to go see the Kooks with her on the guest list. Ooohh. We grabbed a drink before we headed in and I'm always amused by the type of crowd certain bands bring in.  I was not expecting the crowd I saw.  It was what appeared to be a bunch of bro guys and sorority girls. Now, I don't really know the Kooks so maybe I have no idea what fan base they attract but their fans were entertaining.  I had this guy in front of me there with his date who was probably the most obnoxious person ever.  He danced more than I've ever seen any guy before and he kept trying to do a British accent like the singer. In between songs, his date and him would have these all out make out sessions. It was weird.

3 day work week. I'm pumped. We are going to Matt's moms house for Thanksgiving. I have no family around so we always spend our time there and I really like them so it's fun. Of course, I would love to spend some time with my family too but a plane ticket across the country and the hassle to do so is out of my budget.

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  1. I love the Kooks but I'm not really in the same category as sorority girls- I've never seen them live but it definitely wasn't the type of crowd I was thinking would show.