Monday, November 07, 2011

Last week, after the deeply depressing news about American Nightmare, there was a memo released that they would be releasing a few more select number of tickets in a package with some t-shirts to help out with a cancer charity.  I was immediately stoked but then remembered how things went down last time and how it didn't end pretty. 

Today those tickets went on sale at noon.  I had my friend Nicole sitting at her computer and me sitting at my work computer.  We were chatting together and once the clock hit, we both refreshed, AND WE BOTH GOT TICKETS. I feel like pinching myself right now, I literally can't stop smiling and I am not getting ANY work done. 

I can't wait for this.  Can't. Wait.   Apparently these ones sold out in seconds as well and I feel so damn lucky. 

Okay.  Life can go on.  I'll be smiling until December.

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  1. I hate that feeling! Once I was trying to get tickets for my Sisters birthday for something and I got 2 and then thought "I can get better seats then that!"...I refreshed, and they were gone. So disappointing.