Friday, November 04, 2011

Last night was perfect. It was chilly but not cold, the sun was setting as I took Emma for a walk and I let her do whatever her little dog heart wanted because I was in no rush. These pictures do not do the sunset any justice. The colors of pink and orange in the sky were so bright, I didn't want to go home.




We did finally make it home where we met Matt and while he cooked dinner, I perused my social media sites. I've been noticing more and more with the election coming up and the whole occupy movement that people have been vocal about their affiliations/religious thoughts/etc. I find myself reading some of them and wanting to reply because I wholeheartedly disagree but I never click that reply button. I don't want to get into a war but it's also very hard for me to just sit on my hands and not let MY voice be heard.

After Obama was elected President, some of my facebook friends and family went absolutely nutso. One of my Aunts posted a status about them going to buy a shitload of guns because Obama was going to take all of their guns away!!!1! And she was serious. I can't remember exactly was I responded with but it was probably along the lines of, "are you fucking high?" and so I got unfriended. It kind of makes me laugh now because y'all can still buy guns and I kind of miss going head to head with her. 

I also have a cousin who used to post political stuff all the time and most of it made my eyes roll so far back into my head, it hurt. I don't know if people post it to get a rise out of others or what,  but they almost feel offended when I respond. You can't post your cray cray rantings and not expect my big mouth not to respond. Luckily these are all family members so I can get in healthy debates about our government.

Religion is another subject I feel awkward with.  I grew up in a Christian household but no longer claim to be any religion.  I've attended services with other denominations, I've taken classes.  Religion is pretty fascinating to me but not something I ascribe to.  So when I read blogs that talk about God, I admit, I get a little weird.  I'm not sure what to say so I usually exit quietly and wait for their next post.

I think my biggest issue with these hot topics is that very infrequently are people going to change their minds about what they believe in.  AND, not everybody believes in the same thing, and that's okay.  The great thing about this country is that we are allowed to have any religion we want or none at all.  AND we could still be friends! Unless you're my Aunt, apparently, because unfriending on facebook is serious business.


  1. Bahaha. I feel the same way!
    I will say that with the blogs that talk about religion alot I just pretend they aren't....kinda like when I accidently hear a good christian rock song and realize it after the fact and feel awkward. I just like to pretend it didn't happen and realize that somethings hardcore religious people can be cool too.

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous sunset.


  3. It's a tough one, but since it is their blogs and facebook I figure that's their perogative!

    I did get in an argument with my Brother in law at a family gathering about gay marriage once. He said that if a gay person was hitting on a family member they were threatening his family. I flipped because...seriously WTF?

  4. The people who said they wanted to move to Canada after Obama was elected?

    I wish they had.

    And the people who write about religion on their blogs make me nervous. I would write about how it all confuses the shit out of me and I don't really like it at all, but then people would try to convince me, "No really, you do like it, here read this verse" and it would get all awk up on E Tells Tales, and I don't need that.

    I feel like I could have written this post. Loved it.

  5. A lot of bloggers I really love will occasionally talk about religion and I will just not read that post if it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm the same way - religion is really interesting to me, but not something I ascribe to...

    Most of the people I know IRL who are religious have tried pushing me into their religion. It bothers me. My old landlord said she was going to take Nolan to her church. SAID, didn't ask, didn't offer, SAID. And I SAID no.

    Matt and I are on the same page with religious stuff, if our kids want to ascribe to a religion on their own when they're old enough to understand it, that's great. But we aren't going to "raise" them thinking one religion is right {mainly because we don't believe any of them are right haha, we both think if we were meant to know we WOULD know}. All I promise is that we're going to raise them to be GOOD people with large hearts. We're going to raise them to always lend a hand to help ANYONE out.

    I can't really touch on politics because I am SO not educated in politics. I've never even voted so I technically don't have the right to bitch about things. However, I do think Obama is doing a good job. It can't be easy to be President, and he had one hell of a mess to clean up.

    So, yeah, lol. Great post!