Saturday, December 09, 2006

The temperatures in New England are cold. Very cold. Just two days ago it was fairly warm. Warm enough you could wear a light sweater outside and be comfortable. In just a matter of hours the temperature shifted and now it's freezing. I even had to break out some hot cocoa yesterday, which I never do. The boy and I decided to go see a movie last night. Turistas, which makes me never want to travel alone...ever ever ever. We parked pretty far away because the theatre was packed. I decide that it's to fucking cold out and started to run/jog in. I have this weird thing with my ankle and if I land on it a certain way it makes my leg give out. Well that's exactly what happened! I ran like 10 steps, did the little ankle hurt and boom. On the ground on I went. The freezing cold asphalt hurt. But I couldn't stop laughing, cause thats what I do. I skinned my pinky and I think that hurts the worse. The boy couldn't stop laughing either and I'm just glad lot's of little teeny-boppers weren't around to add the to laughter.

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