Saturday, December 09, 2006

My last family had nanny cams. I didn't know about them until my friend came over and said 'Hey, do you know if they ever turn those cameras on?'. What cameras? Haha. She had to point them out to me but after she did I always thought how come I've never seen them before. They are right there. Not hidden or anything. I do think that having some type of camera in your home is a good idea. I also think that if you have people working for you, you should let them know that you do have cameras and they will be recorded. The California family never turned them on when I was there, I don't think. We did use them for when we went on vacations though. Just in case someone broke in while we were gone we would hopefully have some evidence to find the criminals. Theres these Stealth Spy hidden cameras that you can buy that come in all diff. types of shapes. Teddy bears, alarm clocks, plants, smoke alarms...anything. Kinda scary if you ask me. I prefer to know if I'm being taped or not. I don't know if the family I'm working for now has hidden cameras. I hope not, because they could tell that I'm totally supposed to working right now. And that the kids are driving me crazy.

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