Friday, December 01, 2006

Sweet baby Jesus. I know I told my family I didn't really want anything for Christmas, but come on! I'm drooling. If you know me or anything about me you know that this bike fits me and my personality. I would ride it ALL. OVER. TOWN.

It's pretty!

They have lots of neato beach bikes and if I was rich I would buy lot's of them! I haven't really been that into bikes because most bikes have boring old shapes and boring old colors. And I'm just not a boring girl. I'm not really much of a bike rider either but after seeing these gas prices and having to fill up, I think I'm might become one. Plus the exercise! Maybe thats how I'll sell the idea to my parents. Buy me a bike and I'll get exercise...and save the enviroment.

I hope santa treats me with one of those next year. I'll even ride it in the snow! I promise! Well probably not the snow, but I would sure as hell ride it in the summer. I'm hardcore like that.

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