Friday, December 15, 2006

My host mom asked me to write up a schedule so that she knows what to do when I leave. Pretty sad....she also wanted me to write down what I fed them and such, what the didn't like. Here it is...I didn't go to overboard or to into detail. She'll figure it out.
My not so formal schedule

9-9:30: Finish up breakfast, get kids dressed, pick up dishes
9:30-11: Kids play with toys, read books, color, computer time. (If bath day, give kids bath)
11:Have lunch
11:30:Done with lunch, start packing backpacks, going to the bathroom…ect.
12-2:30: School
2:30-3: Put away things from school, get snack ready
3: Snack time
3-5: Play time, get D off the bus, Go to the 3rd floor, Play outside, read books
5: Dinner
6: Pajamas
7: Bed

Lunch Ideas:
-Sandwiches. H likes bologna, sometimes ham. O and C like Ham. C likes Cheese, H sometimes
-Mac n Cheese
-Dino Chicken
-Grilled Cheese

Dinner Ideas:
-Hot Dogs
-Pizza. H and C white pizza, C’s with broccoli. D and O Amy’s pizza, D’s with broccoli.
H eats carrots, O will eat most veggies but doesn’t really like any.


  1. I find this sad. Your host Mom is a piece of work.

  2. That is just sad and makes me want to cry for those kids. How in the heck do you not know your own kids schedules?

    I couldn't imagine not knowing my own child from the inside out.

    So sad.