Friday, December 15, 2006

I haven't been sleeping to well the past week thanks to the outrageous amounts of snot in my nose. Last night wasn't any diff. ( I use diff. because I really don't know how to spell diff. ) This morning though I fell into some awesome sleep. It was soooo good. Until like 7, when I was rudely awakend by the screaming of kids. My host-mom went out last night and I went to bed before she got home, but then I started thinking....maybe she didn't make it home. Maybe the kids are being so fucking loud because she's not there. Then the oldest boys bus came and went and I still noticed his voice downstairs. He missed the bus. Uh oh. Is my host mom awake? Is she home? Why are these fucking kids waking me up! I waited for like another half an hour and finally came downstairs. I turned the corner and noticed a massive pile up of blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, stuffed animals and who knows what else. The kids had brought all the shit downstairs and were 'playing'. My host mom was there too...taking pictures. These kids woke me up, me being two stories above them. Do you think she could've kept them quite, until like 8. Nope. Gosh.

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