Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Whoevers dog is crapping in our backyard...please come clean it up

No neighborhood would be complete without some crazy folk running around. We got a little taste of the crazies in ours tonight.

Host Dad was outside throwing the ball down the street to the dog and I was getting ready to go work out. The dog is running back up the drive-way wanting us to throw the ball again when this old lady yells out from the other side of the street that our dog is scaring her daughter...who's at least 30. Host Dad was on the phone so I politely said okay and told the dog to stay in the yard.

I guess that wasn't the response she wanted. She started yelling at me that our dog craps in everybody else's yards. Of course she does...I've trained her to do that. How does she crap in everybody else's yards when she's locked in the backyard all day or inside with us. The only time she's out front is if were throwing the ball to her but whatever...I told just told the lady okay. She didn't like that answer either.

I can hear her talking with her daughter and her daughter asks who I am. The old lady told her I was JUST the nanny. I have no idea who these people are and how they know me but it kind of freaks me out. So then the old lady starts yelling at Host Dad about how our dog scares people and she's craps everywhere. She then tells him that she's going to go get her rottweiler so we can see which dog is tougher. Okay?

Lady...chill out. There are other dogs that look like our dog running around so maybe you're a little confused.

When I was going to work out I saw her walking across the crosswalk flailing her arms, making sure the already stopped cars wouldn't accidentally run her over.

Crazy ass neighbors


  1. Neighbours hay who wants them I also have a old grumpy neighbour who always looks over our fence and is constantly telling me to mow the lawns and stuff like that, wish i had a dog to set on her.



  2. My neighbor has a little girl, who when she was 9 months old found a piece of dog crap in the yard. Not having a dog, she didn't know what it was and so did the only natural thing...she ate it.

    Her father posted a sign in the yard that said "9 month old. Eats dog poop. Please pick yours up."