Monday, August 15, 2005

I have officially become a doormat

NOOOO! It's the very thing I said I would never become. I'm on of those people who doesn't take shit from anyone and tells them when they're pissing me off. BUT...It's happened. I think the whole "living with your bosses" changed me.

For example:
When I first got this job we had a house cleaner. She would come every two weeks and do all the deep cleaning. I would vacuum like once a week and keep the kitchen picked up. This worked out fine. About a month after I got here they decided to let the house cleaner go because I was doing a good enough job of keeping the house clean. But now it's getting to be to much for me. I feel like thats all I do is clean, clean, clean. Today they left a note for me that they want the house clean before we leave for our vacation on Wednesday. She also left a detailed list of the areas she wants vacuumed. This wouldn't be so bad but somehow over the course of the weekend the house gets to looking like 17 Frat boys had a party in it. EVERY weekend. Normally I would just tell these people to suck it and clean it themselves....but I can't. I don't know why. I told myself that tonight I would ask them if we could hire the house cleaner back but I haven't been able to find the right time. After they let the house cleaner go they didn't even give me a raise for my cleaning abilities.

And another thing. Host Mom asked me to help her out this weekend because boy had soccer and both of them were going to be doing other things, so she wanted me to take him to his games. I didn't have a problem with that. I woke up at freakin 7 o'clock BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. I don't even wake up that early during the weekdays. Sheesh. I drug him to his games, making sure he had everything and held off on plans with friends. This morning when I got my check I didn't get paid a dollar more for it. I guess thats what I get for doing something nice. Bitches.

Who did I become. I'm not the kind of person who lets people walk all over them. It's so frustrating......


  1. It always comes back to, "Do I napalm them or not?"

  2. You really need to stand your ground! It sounds like these people are doing more than taking you for granted, they're also taking advantage of you. If I were you I'd tactfully ask for a raise since your duties now include weekend time, and cleaning. I'd definitely ask if the cleaning lady could be hired back; and explain this by stating you'd be able to spend better quality time caring for the kids' emotional needs, if you weren't so tied up being a maid. Just my two cents. I hope you keep your chin up and find the strength to stand up for yourself. You are no one's slave. This is a job... you have a job description and it seems these folks are stepping waaaay over the line, no?