Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lets go Oakland, Lets go

Tonight I went to my first professional baseball game. I have been a baseball virgin. I don't really like baseball though, I'm a football fan myself (GO RAIDERS!). My friend got some awesome seats though and invited me. I didn't have to pay a thing and we got a VIP parking pass. VIP, I feel so special. The Oakland A's have been doing really good this year but tonight they lost:( 1-0 to the team they are...Twins?.

This was our view, right behind home plate.

And my friend and I...yeah I look like crap, oh well. I worked all day and still haven't caught up from the two concerts this week.

Then they put on some cool fireworks. I took a bijjillion pictures but this one was the coolest. They look like palm trees don't they??? I think they do.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm working some tomorrow and Sunday so I better go get some sleep....for reals.

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  1. I caught an Oakland game back in May (I htink it was) when my Yankees were in town. Luckily we won that game, but your A's are kicking everyone's butts these days. Stop it already!