Sunday, August 14, 2005

O positive

I went to give blood yesterday.

The lady stuck me in the right arm but somehow missed my vein. I actually think she just went through the vein completely which makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. I have a nice little blue and purple bruise there now. Isn't it kind of weird to think that this needle could've gone straight through my vein. Eww. I hope the veins not danglin there waiting to find the other half of himself.

So...the lady called over another lady and she tried my left arm. I made the mistake of turning my head to look at the needle right before she put it in. I was under the assumption that the needle was this tiny nice little needle, like the kind they give you shots with. I. was. wrong. The needle is HUGE...and HOLLOW. I swear I almost passed out. They got my pint of blood though. They should be happy. Another 56 days and I'll get to do it all over again.

The bruise is starting to turn interesting colors:


  1. Ewww, my toes are curling thinking about that needle!

  2. I went Tuesday night, and I am Type O negative. I only let them use my left arm, since I am a righty. The first time I gave blood at age 18 I had a similar fiasco except the needle broke & the blood sprayed all over & the nurse ran out of the room screaming. As it was my first time, that was not encouraging - to say the least. I never let them use my right arm again fearing another fiasco would lead to amputation.