Thursday, February 02, 2012

Life is still moving. It's weird, I feel like I shouldn't be laughing or having fun because my sister is in such pain. There's nothing really I can do, I feel helpless. I know with time things will get better but things will never be the same for her.

One of my co-workers has been extremely insensitive about what happened and the thoughts that go through my head regarding him have been most unpleasant. Just a note, when someone passes away, it isn't polite to yell across the office and ask how that person passed. It's also not very kind to ask the same question again the next morning, and then proclaim that, "It's weird the autopsy hasn't found anything yet." Yes. Bad thoughts regarding him.

Work has been completely swamped this week which makes me go home and want to do absolutely nothing. I'm looking forward to the weekend to get caught up on homework and go back to a little vegan diner to celebrate Matt and I's birthdays.

My friend texted me this morning asking if I wanted to take a quick weekend trip, no boys allowed, to Montreal.  UM YES.


We will probably shoot for March.  I feel very stifled when I stay in one area for too long and right now, I'm suffocating.  I need to get out, walk around in another city, explore new sights and food and take it all in.  Give myself a break for the day-to-day, which right now,  leaves me unfulfilled. My job is extremely taxing and I'm going to try and wait until May before I start applying other places but it's going to be tough.  This place tests my patience more than I ever thought possible.  Enough job talk, it makes me grouchy.

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