Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Heather came over last night and we chatted about life. She thinks come September that she is going to pack up all over her stuff and move to Taos for a month and then after that who knows. Of course this makes me incredibly sad. I feel like since I've moved here all of the people whom I've grown to really care about move away. The nannies all went back to Europe and now Heather is leaving. I have also been starting to hang out with Kate more and her and Mike are thinking of moving to San Fran next Summer. It just bums me out.

I would love to be able to pack up my stuff and just move on but I don't feel like I have that urgency yet. I know before I can go anywhere I need to finish school. I would also like to put in a few years as a paralegal just to get some experience. If, after that, I feel like I need to go somewhere I will.

I've traveled through almost all of the states and have seen a few countries. For some reason Boston just feels like home to me. Even though I'm sad that my friends are leaving I know I will continue to make new ones and as long as I feel at home here, I'll probably stay.

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