Sunday, June 14, 2009

I booked my flight to Germany! I'm really excited and even more excited that it's only a month away.

Another busy weekend. Friday I went and met new baby Scho. He is so adorable and slept pretty much the entire time. Also had a nice chat with Mary. Usually they are running out the door or I am when I go to babysit so it was fun to sit and talk. Had lunch with Nicole and then came back to the city to meet Kate. We went thrift store shopping in Davis Square. Didn't find anything though :(

Went up with Dan, Heather and the boys at Picco in the South End. We had pizza and ice cream and way to many inappropriate stories. Also learned how to catch face lice, gag, and almost passed out.

After THAT, Heather and I headed to JP for the Nesop graduation party. Had a beer, talked with people and walked home around 2 am. Such a busy day. Last night Heather and I went bike riding and it kicked my ass. I went to bed at 10 pm and couldn't drag myself out this morning until almost 1. So pathetic.

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