Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why are guys so silly? I don't get them and they seem to be pretty simple creatures. It's been a year since I've broken up with B and I've been on a few dates and have hung out with a good amount of guys. Obviously, none of them have worked. One looked like Kurt Cobain except he was really quiet. One was just hot and a douchebag. One, okay a few, were way to clingy. And then I met another one Friday night and today he proceeds to send pictures of himself to my e-mail address? WHY? I can only laugh because....really? He seems like a nice guy, kind of cute and then BAM had to send me pictures of himself.

I do have a blind date Friday. I'm excited. We texted for a bit and the boy seems to actually have a brain. And can use big words! It's going to be a late date though so we're going to go to the movies...Transformers? Do hardcore boys like that? No idea, tough shit.

If this doesn't work out I'm just going to marry my new baby...the D200. I'm in love.

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