Sunday, June 07, 2009

The weekends of having something planned everyday are over. Hooray! Finally time to enjoy some camping, bbqing, and the nice weather.


Sorry, got distracted. Heather texted saying she had carrot cake so I hauled ass on my bike over there to get some. Delicious! I also made Conor give me a ride on his motorcycle around Boston. That thing was so much fun!

Anyways-Friday night I babysat for a couple from California. The parents were a riot, we had a good time and the kids were insanely good. After that I went over to the hostel where Colin works. He's spending the summer in Nebraska so we had a little going away party for him. We went to the dive bar TC's, I did two shots and had a stoli and sprite. I was done. Went back to Heather's house and fell asleep cuddling with Juddy. Gah, that boy. He's moving back to Boston and I would love for it to go somewhere but knowing my luck it won't. So I'm not getting my hopes up and just letting things happen when they happen.

I went riding tonight by myself down to the Charles river to look at the skyline. So nice and peaceful. I really really love this city.

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