Thursday, November 16, 2006

While living in California I first came to realize a new trend called Uggs. Oh, the lovely little Uggs. Beautiful little creatures.

The kids I nannyed for did swimming and for some reason Uggs were VERY popular at swim meets. And all around California pretty much. Wear them with mini-skirts and I guess you're cool. Not me though. I can't pull that off.

One day I finally decided to figure out what was so great about these boots. I slipped them on my feet and I swear to God...never wanted to take them off. They are pure heaven. My feet loved them compared to the slip ons I usually wear. I would take a pair for Christmas but it might be a little funny seeing my tattooed and pierced ass walking up and down the street in them. Although I would SO wear them in the house if anybody wanted to get them for me.

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  1. I have immitation Uggs. They're just as comphy as the real Uggs (I've had the pleasure of borrowing) and I never wear them with mini skirts. I wear them under pants, with dresses, in the snow (OHMYGOD) and they make my feet look enormous... but they are so wonderfully comfortable.