Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I never want to show my face in our Target again. And another reason was just added to my list of 'why I never want kids'.

Christmas. Photo. Shoots.

Of course the photo studio was running behind schedule. They only have on photographer and one overly happy man working at the counter. The kids were crazy even before we went into the tiny room. They were crazy just sitting there. We finally got called in and started setting up. The photographer was a young girl who you could tell was a bit frazzled. It doesn't help when the kids act like spawns of satan.

The oldest boy was the worst. We set him in position and within .3 seconds he changed positions, or put his hands in the air, or in his socks, or was touching his mouth, or was touching something. Grr. It makes me angry just typing it. She took about 15 photos and NOT one is really that good. Someones not smiling. Someones falling out of the picture. Someones eyes are closed.

Then it was my turn to jump into the picture. We took two pictures with me. Not two fairly nice pictures, two really shitty pictures but another family was waiting so we had to hurry!hurry!hurry!

Why people pay for this shit...And my host mom ordered 250 cards. 250 shitty cards. God...to be rich and just have money flying around. Hmpf.

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