Sunday, November 05, 2006

People really do amaze me.

I nannied for a family in California before I came over to the East Coast. I spent a year of my very short 19 years on the earth with these people. You would think they would like to stay in contact considering I helped raise their children for those months.

I wrote them an e-mail tonight asking them how their Halloween was, how the kids are, other bullshit. I wrote them a pretty lengthy e-mail. This is what I get back. No joke. Only the kids' names have been changed.

"Girl was a rabbit and Boy a zombie....I don't think we took pictures...they were out with friends.
It rained this week. First time since April....but it's sunny now."

Oh no. Holy shit! You really don't have to write me a freakin' novel to fill me in a little. Glad I spent the time writing you one...bastards.


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  2. This sucked. I have to wonder why they even bothered to write you back. Bad form and response on their part.