Monday, November 27, 2006

Myspace. What a tricky little site that is. I have one. I use it mainly for keeping in touch with my friends from Montana. It's also really useful for listening to new bands and check tour dates and such.

But for smaller kids/tweens myspace is kind of a scary scene. If I was a parent I would be worried about what my child was doing on there. Lot's of creepers spend time on that site and I would want to know if they were talking to my kid. Parents really have no clue what their kids do on there. But now you can with Myspace tracking software. you can actually be involved. today's world is a VERY good thing. You can see when they update their profile, post new pictures(which, ehum, girls...put some clothes on), make comments and receive messages. You can also tell when someone messages them or if they make multiple profiles.

I'm only 20, and I can't believe kids these days and what the do. Let's just say they have probably seen way more things than I will ever see. Scary.

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  1. I, um, *cough*, I have one, too. (head hangs in shame)