Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm leaving. The words have now been said. I told them today that on December 23rd my little booty is out of here.

Actually, it wasn't me that got the first chance to tell them my news. One of the preschool teachers had the honors. She came over this morning because she helps us. She tells us what to do. A teacher for us stupid people who really have no clue what to do with 4 screaming children who like to talk in a rather annoying 'baby' voice all the fucking time. .She helps us.

Enough of that. She started asking me question in particular.

"You came in January. Right? So that means your leaving in January. Right? Because this is like a one year deal. Right?"

"Well..........we've talked about me staying longer but my Mom's having some health issues right now and I'm thinking of leaving the end of next month."

Our conversation went on after that but then I went upstairs with the kids. While I was upstairs she informed my host mom of my escape plan.

The day goes on...

My stomache was in knots. I couldn't eat or drink without feeling sick. I still don't feel okay. I was trying to find the right moment to tell her.I didn't know that she was already informed.
After dinner I told her that I wanted to talk to her about my situation regarding whether I'm leaving or staying. She told me she knew. And she was fine with it. She understands!

Phew. I'm relieved. I hope this takes some of the stress off me. Now I just have to worry about getting a car, a job, my license, money, taking the SAT's (kids-stay in school) and getting into college. The joys of growing up.

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