Monday, January 09, 2012


I think this is my life motto. 

I'm not sure where it went, but it's gone y'all.  My patience went and packed its bags and moved elsewhere.  If there was one resolution I should have made for the New Year, it would be to have more patience.  But, I'm not foolin' myself.  As soon as I get in a situation where it's needed, I completely lose my shit.

Saturday, I was going to my friend's son's birthday party and it was quite a ways out of the city.  We needed air in the tires and I wanted to get them filled before I left.  Matt said it was really easy so off I went with my 75 cents.  I did everything correct and when I went to put the air machine into the tire, the pressure meter started going down. WTF. I went off.  I started checking the other tires, flailing around on the ground, calling Matt in a fury, whipping the air hose was quite the scene I'm sure.  I should have just politely screwed the caps back on, went home and asked Matt to go take care of it.  Instead, I made an ass out of myself. 

Yesterday we went to the mall (UGH) because I needed to return two shirts that Matt brought me for Christmas.  I walked into Forever 21, and the line was wrapped around the store, yet there was about 17 employees standing in a group yapping their lips off.  I went to the second floor check out counter and asked if I needed to return something downstairs.  The girl said this counter was closed.   I told her I wasn't standing in that fucking line and walked out.  I was fuming.  I think I probably had steam coming out of my ears.  When there is that many people waiting to check out, tell your employees to get the fuck to work and open up another register. We went to Target, I got myself a coffee and I said I would go try again.  This was the last possible day for me to return these shirts, so I had to do it.  

I walked back in the store and the line was much more manageable, about 6 people.  I get up to the counter and the girl working calls over the manager to do the return and it was the exact. same. girl. from. upstairs who I just said fuck too. HAH. Maybe she got my message and actually opened up another counter.  I gave her the stink eye the whole time.  

I wish I could be one of those people who lets this kind of stuff just roll of their backs, but I realized, I'm not. I used to be when I was birth control, but I also realized I was pretty devoid of emotions at that point. 

So I guess I need to decide which is the lesser of two evils. Being absolutely bat shit crazy insane or a zombie.

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