Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's over!  WAHOO.

It's probably going to take a few days for it to sink in and by then, my next semester will be starting.  I passed Accounting and hopefully I never ever ever have to take a course again.  Next semester I'm taking Micro-economics and Algebra, snooze fest. 5 more classes for my degree, 5 more.

Now, onto Christmas!

Loving that song right now, along with Sufjan Stevens Christmas stuff.  Dare I say, She & Him has taken a back seat. Matt and I are going to try and finish up shopping tonight and then that will be done.  He invited some friends over for a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Bless his heart. It doesn't sound like too many people will be able to attend, duh, so it may just be us, TBS and Ralphie and his BB gun.

3 more days of work before spending way too much time on the couch begins.

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