Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you ever listen to music and get instantly transformed to a certain time in your life?  I do. 

I put on Pandora at work yesterday and this song came on, along with a few others from the same album and it brought me back to a few years ago, sitting in my huge Mission Hill apartment bedroom, huddled under the blankets because we couldn't afford to turn the heat past 60 and being heartbroken because Matt had broken up with me. I'm not sure why this album was such a great break-up album but I listened to it over and over again and haven't really listened to it much since then.  Felt weird hearing it yesterday.

This year is ending on a different note.  On Monday I'll be turning 25 and there's something about that age that is definitely no longer in young adult territory and now it's moving toward you better start getting your shit together territory. I waver back and forth between thinking that this is exactly what I want to be doing with my life.  We only get one chance at this thing and I laid awake last night wondering it this was it for me.  I'm not exactly sure where to go from here, and I know that's vague, but maybe I'll find the words in a bit.


  1. Hugs! You will figure it out!

  2. Hugs! You will figure it out!

  3. I totally can be brought back to a memory/feeling in my life by a song too. It's pretty crazy.
    Also, 25 is still young. At least I refuse to assume that it's old. Everyone figures shit out at their own speed. I work in a industry where most people don't grasps they are adults into their mid-40s.
    So, I guess what I'm vaguely saying is, f*ck it. Do your own thing and the rest will follow. Age doesn't matter.....unless you want to rent a car which you can do Monday!

  4. Thanks girls.

    I know 25 isn't old old but I still feel behind, yah know?

    Other crap is going on too and it just isn't the way I expected to be ringing in the New Year. Oh well.