Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I sure did. It was just Matt and I (and Emma) in the morning. Matt kept hinting the night before that this years stocking was the most expensive stocking ever, which made me believe there might be some jewelry in there, but there wasn't.  It was a gift card to the camera store.  BOYS. I'm not sure what exactly $25 is going to get me at a store where the cheapest thing is like $300, but, he tried.  He also bought me a Kindle which I love love love.  I didn't want the newest one with internet stuff because I know I would just surf the net instead of actually reading.

He about shit his pants when he opened his gift.  He loved it and even knew a guy that was featured in the book, pretty damn cool.  We spent Christmas afternoon at his parents house.  I always enjoy time with his family.  His new sister-in-law has declared a war on Christmas though and doesn't want her infant son believing in Santa.  What in the holy hell are you supposed to say to that?  I just looked at her with a smile and walked away.  

Anyways- since the New Year is 4 days away I figured I would re-visit my goals from last year and see if I actually accomplished anything.

This past years list included:
-Land a job closer to/in Boston: Done!  Landed a job IN Boston.
-Get out of debt: Uhhh, I think I actually accumulated more debt on one credit card but paid down another.
-Learn to knit: Nope.  Matt's Grandmother talked to me a few days ago about it though so I think I'm going to start soon.
-Take more pictures:  I think I did!
-Scrapbook more: Complete fail.
-Travel outside the United States: Yes!  If Puerto Rico counts, which it does. We need to get Matt a passport so we can start going other places.  And win the lottery.

On to this years list:

-Finish school and get my degree
-Seriously get out of debt
-Travel out of the state, maybe take a mini road trip
-Try to cook more

That's it, I think.


  1. Sounds like a good list. If you manage to get outta debt you should treat yo-self to a nice camera with that $25 gift card. Pretty sure the debt thing is on my list every year since graduating too....maybe this year???

  2. What's with people declaring war on Christmas lately??? So irritating. I didn't suffer any damage from believing in Santa, even after finding out the truth.

  3. i love my Kindle! joe gave me one for my bday this past summer. it's the "older" one - no internet etc. which i love. i get enough internet on my phone and computer. i love the kindle - and buying books is totally addicting!! boys are so funny about gifts... i love the $25 gift card - so cute. maybe it could go toward another camera card (haha) or a lens filter, replacement cap...haha : ) he tried though. also, i get annoyed with those declaring war on Christmas too! it's just fun... i was never traumatized by it all. just super fun. no harm. people can be so strange. our christmas was good, despite the normal "emotions" that come after a year like ours! it was super fun watching Micah have fun. that was worth it all. BTW it's funny how some guys are about jewelry. Joe is that way too. This year was a "small appliance Christmas"... which, i guess at my age, is fun : ) haha.... super grateful because we certainly needed them. he did get nicer ones than i ever would pick out, so that was fun. Hope we can catch up soon.