Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's already hump day.  That's what I like to hear. I feel as though the next two weeks are going to fly by, mainly due to the fact that my accounting final is on the 19th, and eeeeeeeeek!

This past weekend was lovely though and I'm trying to keep focused on not going absolutely haywire. Matt was rather bummed when I brought up the idea of no tree, so I caved in and we now have a tree in the living room.  Of course I love all of the cliche things, such as watching Teen Mom 2 while admiring the glowing lights, it makes my heart full.

But, with the addition of this tree, comes the addition of Emma's curiosity.  I already knew she was going to be infatuated but I can't keep her away from the damn thing. She loves going over to sniff it, which is cute, but then the needles fall off and then she starts digging her head in a little deeper, starts drinking from the base, licking the presents, rolling around, etc.  By the end of the month, I predict our tree will be bare from about waist height down.

We also took A to see Santa at the mall.  As we we're walking in, Santa was just coming out of his room and going up the escalator and A got his first peek at the big man.  He sat on Santa's lap, made the goofiest face ever, and told Santa he wanted "wolverine hands".  Shit.  Didn't buy him those.  Hopefully his mom comes through.

I have pictures of all of this crap and I know I'm a bad blogger because I didn't post pictures but I leave my house when it's dark and get home when it's dark so pictures will have to wait until the weekend.  Stay tuned.

Tonight, my downstairs neighbor invited me down to have a girls night with wine and salad, so wine for dinner it is!

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  1. my finals are this week too... not looking forward to any of them... :/ i hope this whole month flies by! and hope you're having a good week :)