Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is my last day of work at my current job and while I'm a little sad, I am extremely glad to be down. 

I had my exit interview today and gave my company constructive criticism.  I gave my boss glowing reviews and told them they what I though about one particular manager who is miserable all the time, condescending and rude to her employees.  I've had the pleasure of sitting right next to her and how she talks to me and it has been extremely hard for me to sit there while she is so mean to people.  Apparently the HR lady took my exit interview, flipped my words around and will now be speaking to my boss tomorrow.  What in the hell?  I had nothing bad to say about my boss, my boss is not the problem, this other manager is.  Nobody likes her, nobody.  Except for the HR lady. She also had the balls to tell me I may be sad at work because of my home life.  Excuse me?! No, I'm sad at work because the work environment sucks and they don't see it. I'm half tempted to write another note about how misconstruing my words is total bullshit so please don't. 

Another girl also gave her two weeks and she works for the other manager.  She also doesn't have another job lined up.  What should that tell them?  That she's so completely miserable she will quit her job in this job market and throw caution to the wind. I applaud her and think more people need to speak up but they probably won't.

Tomorrow our sweet stinker Emma is getting fixed.  It's something that we feel strongly about and needs to be done but I can't help but worry.  I hope she does okay. 

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