Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's funny how things eventually work themselves out.  I never heard back from that job I had two interviews with.  I followed up once and then nothing.  I'm also not the type to hound someone, if they want me then they'll let me know.  I decided not to apply for jobs before my vacation in June but last week at my job made me feel differently. 

I woke up and went into work each morning depressed.  Work was taking it's toll on me, and I started to hate it.  I don't want to be the type of person to ever hate work.  I realize that, especially in this economy, you get what you can take and sometimes that means working at someplace that doesn't leave you happy.  I went home and decided to be proactive about the situation instead of just complaining and started applying more places.

Thursday I received an email wanting me resume in a different format, and after I re-sent it there was a whirlwind of e-mails and I had an interview set up for yesterday.  I went to the interview, talked a bit with the girl who's leaving the position due to a move,  and then talked to the attorney.  It was the easiest interview ever.  No real questions, he made a statement that I seemed "smart" from my e-mails and on top of things (hahahah) and then he offered me the job. I'm still a little shocked.

I start in a week, I'll be making a bit more than I am now but they pay salary.  My hours are 9-5 with an hour lunch.  The office is located on one of the nicest shopping streets in Boston, close to the Common and everything else you could possibly want.  It seems like it's going to be great.  I need a less stressful environment where management actually appreciates the hard work I do and doesn't make rules on how to sit in chairs.

This is it, this is what I was waiting for.  I try to believe that things happen for a reason which is what I told myself after the other job disappointment and now I could not be happier for this opportunity.

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