Saturday, April 02, 2011

If I thought I was busy before, I was mistaken.  Holy cow, this dog has taken over our lives.  There were a few days there where I wondered if we had made a mistake getting her.  She's so much work and I didn't know if we were up for it.  Not because we didn't want her but because of time.  I won't give up on her though and the mere thought of giving her away broke my heart.  It's only been a week and we are all adjusting and learning.  It's a process and one that we elected to go through. Between working full time, going to school, having a kid, having a long commute, having a relationship, an apartment and also having a moment to days are definitely full. She's worth it though. 

Now it's Saturday night and I'm sitting at home by myself, for the second night in a row.  Matt and I had planned a movie night for last night but then he found out that his friends' band, one that he used to play in, was having their last show so he went to that.  We moved movie night until tonight and then he got a text around 8 that Slapshot was playing in Providence so he hopped in the car and headed down. Emma and I are snuggled on the couch watching bad t.v.  There is nothing on. 

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