Sunday, March 08, 2009

Since my lovely lovely mother sent me money to take my friends out to dinner, I made her happy and took them out last night. We walked from Mission Hill to the South End at had dinner at the Beehive. The weather was amazing, so nice for walking around Boston. The restaurant was cool, it was in a basement with exposed brick and chandeliers. Heather, Dan, Julian and I each got awesome food, mine being a very rare burger. It was delicious. They also have frites which are a type of french fry that were soooo good.

After dinner we decide to walk to the North End to get cupcakes. If we are going to eat shitty we might as well eat really shitty, right? While walking there the city was re-enacting the Boston Massacre. Apparently they do this every year, except none of us knew about it. HA. We also watched break dancers for a bit who were insane.

For cupcakes we stopped at LuLu's and got 4 different flavor cupcakes to split. Carrot (me, still on that kick), orange creme, vanilla and oreo. Splitting them 4 ways was so fun, we each got to try all the different flavors and ended up only eating one cupcake. It started raining as we were sitting in the park so we started walking back. We got a wild to go see the Watchmen so we walked to the Common and hunkered down for the longest. movie. of. my. life. Good thing it was entertaining!

After the movie we then made the walk home. My body was so tired by the time I got home, I was a happy little clam when I got to crawl in bed.

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