Monday, March 30, 2009

This weekend was a total blast. Tiring but fun.

I left work early on Friday and headed to New Jersey first. Didn't think I was going to stop there but at the last minute Jersey boy found out he could get out of the photoshoot early so we could grab dinner. I wasn't nervous to meet him because we had talked online for months and I felt like I knew him already. He took me to this little Mexican restaurant with no tables, just a bar. The food was delicious, the Spanish soap opera in the background was amusing and the conversation flowed easily. I didn't want to seem to into him, but man, the boy is cute.

We talked and talked and then drove around looking for ice cream. I met his parents who seem fun and all of his 5 crazy dogs. We had a quick little peck of a kiss when I left. Awwww. I don't want to get to excited just yet because I don't want to get crushed, but there is something there. He is supposed to come up to Boston two weeks. Yay!

On to Delaware. I didn't get in until after 12:30 (sorry Erika!) even though I hauled ass on the Jersey Turnpike. Saturday morning we all woke up to rain. We decided to still head into Philadelphia, and lucky for us, it never rained. Just stayed overcast. We hit the zoo which was fun.

After the zoo we went to the King of Prussia mall which was GINORMOUS. Right after walking through the front doors we were confronted by some man that was bleeding heavily from his foot region. As we walked into the mall more there were puddles upon puddles of his blood. It made me nauseous. We stopped in a few stores but were all so pooped we took off for dinner. Joe and Erika took me to this awesome Asian restaurant. We went back to their house and I tortured them with watching Twilight! It's an obsession.

Sunday we just hung out around the house. It was so much fun catching up on everything that has been going on in these past years. So glad I went down and I can't wait to hang out again! Micah is just to adorable for words and such a good baby!

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