Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seriously, how am I not getting dates? :)

This week went by fast, it was nice not having school but back to the grind this week.

I'm on week 4 of my running program and I'm feeling SO much better. It's amazing what a little exercise will do in my life. I've even gained weight, but I don't really care. I can tell my clothes are fitting better and I just feel better overall. Today was a tough run though. I made it all the way through but felt like I was going to pass out when it was over.

I can't wait for this weekend! I'm going to see Erika, her husband and her adorable little boy. I think the last time I saw Erika was probably a good 4 years ago, maybe even longer. It'll be nice to catch up. I'm also stopping in NJ on the way down to meet Nick for dinner, which I'm also very excited about. We'll see where it goes.

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