Thursday, October 19, 2006

Did I ever mention that my host mom doesn't work? Right, well she doesn't.
Let's add this up:

She has a nanny to take care of her four spawn

She has a housecleaner to clean up her shit

She has yard people to do her yardwork

And I'm sure hiding in her bathroom is someone to wipe her ass.

What exactly does she do you ask? Not really much of anything.
Today she watched The View while I folded laundry right next to her. Didn't bother to help once.
I took all three boys to karate tonight, but only one actually participates. She needed to organize a closet while I tried to tame two wild beasts in a space the size of a bathroom.
One the way home from karate she even had to call and ask me what I was making the kids for dinner. She obviously couldn't throw something in the microwave even though the kids were already eating an hour late. So I got home, had to rush and get the kids fed, eat dinner myself ( an orange..wohoo) and try and get them all prepared for when I got off at 7. At 6:55 she comes over to the dinner table and asks me to work until 7:30 so I could give one of the kids a bath. She can't even throw her own fucking son into the god damn shower for 5 minutes, she makes me do it.

Needless to say the highlight of my week has been these warty pumpkins.


  1. That makes me really sad for her. Don't think of her as someone who is spoiled, or someone who chooses not to do these things... think of her as someone who is missing out on so many joys in her life. It may be hard, tiresome work to you (because they're someone else's kids) but the reward a mother gets from that hard work is tremendous... and she'll never know it. I suspect she won't know it because she just CAN'T do it. She just can not because she isn't mentally strong enough to do the job. I am sorry for her. she's lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dude. I so want her life (well, I could managed to wipe my own rear).

    You gotta wonder why she had 4 kids if she didn't want to be involved. I have a lot of times when i want a break, and wish there was someone else to take over that stuff for a day or two- but always? To do nothing all day and still need someone to wash your kid? Someone needs her meds adjusted.

    Oh- and thanks for the comment on my blog :-) More scrappy goodness will be up soon :-)

  3. i sometimes say i don't want kids, but after realizing i can have someone else raise them, i say sign me up! shoot, i'll have ten or twelve even.

  4. I would give anything to be able to stay at home with my child. I'm sad for her!!

    Every mother needs a break but not like the break she has. She has no idea what she is missing out on.