Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blonde moment, again

Dinner time around this time is usually a choatic mess. Last night was no different. The oldest child has celiac disease, meaning he can't eat gluten. He wanted to try out a gluten-free enchilada so I made that for him. The triplets were going to eat ham and french fries.

It all sounds simple, but between the painters coming and asking questions, the dog barking, the kids chasing each other, and me taking shots of vodka, things just are not that simple. So I popped the oldest kids enchilada into the microwave and turned on the stove to start cooking the ham. I ran around doing various things while both I presumed were cooking. I started smelling this weird musty smell and assumed it was the enchilada I was making. My host mom came downstairs asking what smelled and I said the enchilada. She told me in a joking manner that I better have some ham ready because he probably won't eat it.

After the enchilada was done cooking the smell started getting worse. It was then I realized that I turned on the wrong burner on the stove and had actually started burning a basket that was on the counter. It was almost in flames. Ha. Ha. Oops. We had to throw the basket away and all the food in it. The house still smells musty. Go me!


  1. Are you an aupair? I only ask this because you are a teenager and because you refer to your boss as ahost mother. I was an aupair once, so I thought I would drop you a line and say hi. By the way how the hel is your neck and throat?

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